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sdz. >> good evening everyone. that that breaking news is happening in oakland where a police officer has been shot. it happened tonight in the fraught veil district at frain avenue and east 12th street. one person has been detaped. we understand police were investigating a hit-and-run car accident when they heard gunfire nearby. officers responded. turns out someone was trying to rip off a bike while a person was on it. somehow that led to a police officer getting shot in the leg. he is doing well tonight. you are looking at pictures of the scene from sky 7 hd of hea head. this is the second oakland police officer shot in the line of duty this week. the other one happened monday night about a mile away from tonight's scene. undercover detective was shot in the arm in his car. he was there investigating a shooting that had happened on sunday. police later arrested 2 suspected game members onnn parole and detained 3 other people in that incident.
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>> earlier today passengers on board ac transit bus had to take cover when the bus riddled with gunfire at the mall in oakland. stray bullet from shooting at nearby gas station. nobody was hurt but passengers were showered with broken glass. >> now to late word about san francisco forty-niner receiver michael crabtree. he will not be charged for sexual assault at do you want hotel. san francisco district attorney office announced the case has been thoroughly investigated by police and there's not enough evidence to charge crabtree for the encounter with a woman at the w hotel after the niner beat the packers at candlestick park early this month. crabtree was never detained or arrested. investigators say he fully cooperated and as we have previously reported, sources say 2 other women who were there at the time told police the sex was consensual. 49ers leave for superbowl this sunday. today team members talk to us before heading to new orleans. thomas
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tells us how the team is preparing for the big game. >>reporter: 49ers are having the next to last practice before heading to new orleans for the superbowl. coach jim harbaugh says he wants the players not just to win. but also bask in the experience. >> i want them to enjoy it. enjoy every minute and especially enjoy the competition. >>reporter: he says the team is fired up ready for the big game. most of the team never been to a superbowl. he's proud they are going to have the experience of a life time. >> that's the most exciting thing to look forward to is playing the game. that's all being kicked off and working together. fighting together. playing together. for chance to win a championship. >> reporter: the players say harbaugh an inspiration. tight end davis says harbaugh energy and drive is contagious. >> his energy is so high. he keep it that way. which is a good thing because we can all feed off that. >>reporter: this is last time harbaugh will hold a news conference before heading out
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to new orleans. last tame players can express their expectations. kicker david acres has had a rough year. he says he's ready. >> team obviously has faith in me. they kept me hereth i'm going to good out. get everything i have every time. >>reporter: back up tight end walker says practicing in santa clara and thinking about going to his first superbowl seems a bit unreal. >> i think once we get to new orleans and start practicing outside the box i think it will start hitting us. >>reporter: offensive line man boone has been warned by superbowl veteran not to let the spectacle of the superbowl affect his focus. >> there is a time where are we smraiing game today or out for cop certificate. map stay focused at all times. >>reporter: anything but normal game. 49ers will practice again saturday and head off to new orleans on sunday. in santa clara, abc 7 news. comedy club in fairfield went up in smoke tonight. rai raining fire broke out at the original pepper belly comedy club on texas street about 2 hours ago. this image shows the roovt roof of the building
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completely in flames. one report says the fire may have started in the second story. there are no reports of any injuries tonight. >> if you have ever gone to restaurant in san francisco you have no doubt notice the health care surcharge on the bill. question tonight is whether that money is actually going to employee health care or if it's lining the pockets of some restaurant owners. mark has been looking into this. >> city attorney says restaurants are required to report how much they have collected and spent on health care for employee and few of them appear to be cheating. >> establishment that impose surcharges on customer to cover the cost of compliance with san francisco universal health care law but that use little or none of those funds to actually provide health care benefits to their employees. >>reporter: surcharge appears on some restaurant bills you can see it on this bill right there unthe sub total. the first time he saw it he thought it was a good thing. >> city progressive. right. trying to meet a need.
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>>reporter: butt city attorney in one year said third of the money collected 5 million dollars was not spent on health care. he is sending outlet investigators more than 50 restaurants letting them know they are the target of an investigation. >> worst offender must remit any amount unredeemed by the city to if you said future enforcement of health care and other consumer law. >>reporter: state assemblyman authored the program and calls the cheating criminal. >> that's larceny. that is ethical and certainly doesn't help the reputation of restaurants here in san francisco. >>reporter: the city won't name the restaurants under investigation. city attorney hererra wants to give them amnesty to come clean and pay what they owe. head of the restaurant association says he's relying on reports filled out by the restaurant themselves and the information is suspect. >> would i say about 90 percent of the people i have talked to
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miss reported the form.s didn't know how to complete it. they didn't include all the health care costs that are associated with their business that they should have included. and i think there's going to be a lot of people who can show it was uses reporting error. >>reporter: we have the reports. we have the compilation of the reports. this is all 177 of the restaurants that have reported. there are some big discrepancy on this list. one company charged half million dollars. that's how much they collect entered one year. but they only spent 200,000. but there is no explanation here of what happened to the remaining money. in a bank account. is it somewhere where employee will be able to get to it if they need tonight there's a lot that we didn't know. we'll know more in 90 days once the city attorney xlooipts completes his investigation. reporting from columbus avenue, abc 7 news. >> weren't to take you back to to the braking news we are following right now in fairfield. this is the original pepper belly comedy club on texas street. the fire started around 7 this evening. it is a 5 alarm which means
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resource from his all over the area are responding to knock this one out. we are told that there are no reports of any injuries at this time. it's believed the fire may have started in the second story of this building but you can see it's fully engulfed writ now and of course we'll stay open top following this one for you. the original pepper belly comedy club on texas street in fairfield. police treated it like a real threat. 911 call reporting an armed man near a school in sunnyvale but turn out to be a hoax. call sent 3 schools west valley elementary, cupertino middle and homestead high in lock down mode. students teachers hunker down for about 2 hours at least one class ran to find safe haven. >> i had a huge fence over there by the football field and i thought it was kind of unnecessary because a lot of kid had cuts on their arms from hopping the fence. >> unnecessary cuts and bruises and for some of the kid it's scary especially hearing about newtown. >>reporter: the sunnyvale
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department of public safety has not revealed if that caller will be arrested for report ago phoney threat. >> late today teachers in alameda said contract talk with the district were fraughtless and declared impasse. district offered them a two percent pay raise. union wants a 4.5% raise over two years. 2 sides have been negotiating now for about 10 months. union is asking a state mediator to step in. >> u.s. department of education announce today that every public school child in america will now have to, ever ever public school will include students with disability in the after school sports program. education reporter lee ann explains how this will change the playing field. >>reporter: about fancy foot work gained her a spot on the school soccer team. also plays for a club. so we were surprised when she showed us her prosthetic leg. >> this is the liner. and inside here it's just hollow. >>reporter: her school in
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berkeley encourages all students including those with disabilities to try out for any sport. >> they treat me like a regular kid. nothing different about me except for my leg. i can just deal with that. >>reporter: in some cases the school makes the proper accommodations. >> child hearing impaired we may need visual cue where there might be a buzz error gun or something else for a child that needs association that needs to be put into place. >>reporter: will lard already doing a lot of what the u.s. department of education will now require all schools to do. if a student with disability can not meet the standards of l skill or ability of that team the school must provide another option like creating another team. in november will lard received app award from an organization promoting he quult for people with disabilities. supporters say this will do for students with disabilities what title ix did for women. juno
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is with support for family with disabilities. san francisco base organization. as seen in these pictures, they also have a year round activity for kids. >> just because you have a disability doesn't mean that you can't compete. it doesn't mean that you can't be part of a team. >>reporter: peter strauss coaches the san francisco little league baseball challenge division for kid with disability. >> a lot of kids with disabilities have low muscle tone so finding physical expression is particularly important to them. >>reporter: school districts that have seen tremendous cuts inside outside the class room worry about what it will take to comply. lee ann abc 7 news value of san francisco base twitter sky rocketed today. social media network will be worth 9 billion dollars now that the world largely east asset manager has invested in the company. black rock is spending 80 million for a little under 1% of twitter. company said to be preparing itself to go public very soon.
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yesterday twitter unveiled new app that lets users share video in the tweet. san francisco company acquired the video sharing service last fall. joyed are limited to 6 seconds or less. increase in twitter evaluation as apple lost more than a third of the valley in 4 months. 66 about billion since wednesday results. yesterday the stock saw the biggest one day percentage drop since 2008. apple stock peaked back in september the day the i-phone 5 was released. loss means ex objection once again surpass apple as most valuable company. >> much more to get to tonight at 9:00. coming up. >> i got my tickets. >> he's not going to disneylan disneyland. he's going to the superbowl. experience to save or for fans players alike. >> i'm in the accu-weather forecast center. chance of shower decreasing but chance of
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cool down this wean is increasing. accu-weather forecast coming up. >> still ahead. unusual alliance of technology and fitness. if trying to get back into shape there is an app for that. >> we give you you a new look at the case against man accused of killing his daughter's pimp. much more involved here than a father outrage. >> another look at sky 7 hd in fairfield right new. comedy club pepper belly fully engulfed. we'll of course bring you more information during this hour as it develops. 7 news for the new mattress models,
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>> case of father accused of killing a man who reportedly forced his daughter that prostitution is now under way in san francisco. the girl's mother and 2 others are also on trial for the killing. more now from vick lee. >> i'm confident the jury will do the right thing and return verdicts of not guilty on all 4 defendants. >>reporter: eric represents the father of the young woman who he says was forced into prostitution by 22-year-old calvin sneed. tony is the attorney for the girl's mother. >> she was very concerned. she did everything she could to try to coax her daughter not to stay with this man. >>reporter: everything he says except murder. the prosecution
9:18 pm
sees it definitely. >> there was a plan. plan was executed. he was hunted down on the street. and shot dead. >>reporter: investigators say sneed had just brought the girl from l.a. to her parents' home in the bay view on june 3rd. the girl reportedly called him the next day and asked that he pick her up at home. sneed was shot to death in the parked car. near the house. prosecutors say surveillance video taken on the 1400 block of grove street the day of the murder shows the father barry and other 2 suspects meeting in the valley on the 1400 block of grove street. they say one of the suspects rent add car in l.a. and drove it to san francisco. that the video shows the driver meeting the girl father and nephew who drove up in another car. >> we have very clear video of them coming together. then leaving the scene. >>reporter: complaint says they drove to bay view and waited for sneed and when he arrived he shot him in the
9:19 pm
head. da says the father even tried unsuccessfully once to kill sneed in los angeles. >> we have been able to place him near the location of a shooting that occurred in l.a. many our victim was the victim of that particular crime. >>reporter: one ironic footnote. sores close to the investigation tells us that 2 of the defendants alphonzo williams and antonio guilt on are sociald with a street gang called cd p involved in among other things prostitution. preliminary hearing is expected to continue in to march. vick lee abc 7 news. >> police in milpitas arrested a man on charges of illegally growing marijuana indoors. take a look at what police found inside the man's house 400 marijuana plants street value of 600,000 dollars. 38 yearly man from milpitas was booked that jail. faces charges of illegal marijuana cultivation and theft of
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utilities. quite a shift in our weather today. much warmer. less rain out 30. that's right. dried out nicely. temperatures climb up in the mid 60's in someplaces. but kaling down now. live view from the high definition east bay hills camera west west ward back to the bay in san francisco. clear brake in the sky right now. few more clouds around early today and the threat of some showers but let's look at live doppler 7 hd. there are no returns on the radar right now so there is no precipitation at least no measurable precipitation anywhere in the bay area at this moment. however night hasn't ended yet. temperature readings mainly in the 50's. 57 at san franciscoment 58 across the bay and oakland. 54 novato. 55 nevada city and mountain view and forecast feature it's partly cloudy overnight. still a very remote chance of isolated shower overnight but that chance is diminishing rapidly. cooler tomorrow and this cool dry pattern that settles in
9:21 pm
tomorrow will continue into the middle of next week. let's look at the forecast for overnight low. not a cold night. cool in some spots but not cold. north bay valley we see low of 43 santa rosa 44 at napa 42 over at fairfield but most location near the bay near the coast line low in the mid to upper 40's to almost 50's as a matter of fact. satellite image shows approaching weak cold front. it has some clouds witness but very little in the way of moisture which 80's we are not likely to get showers from the system. behind the front big cold air mass dropping down out of the gulf of alaska. this is system that will be the significant change in our weather pattern this weekend bringing us below normal temperatures so let's take a look at how things shape up for tomorrow. south bay partly cloudy to mainly sunny. high tomorrow 57 san jose. 58 campbell. 57 cupertino. on the planes we see high of 56 san mateo o. 57 palo alto and mountain view and on the coast 53 pacifica. 55 at half moon bay. up to san francisco
9:22 pm
downtown 56 the high tomorrow. 54 in the sun set district. 53 daly city. up north bay we see high mainly mid 50's. a little bit higher at santa rosa and calistoga which will top out at 57 and napa at 58. on the east bay lack for high of 26 in berkeley hayward san leandro union city. inland east bay relatively cool with high in the mid 50's. 55 at antioch. 56 livermore concord, 57 at fairfield and down near monterey bay look for high in the mid 50's near the bay. see upper 50's inland. 59 at is a lean as. 58 at gilroy and holster. accu-weather 7 day forecast. cooler pattern developing tomorrow. partly cloudy on sunday. tomorrow sunday monday and tuesday we see high pressure for mess part only in the mid 50's about 54 to 55 at most locations. we'll see temperatures moderating a little bit on wednesday then by thursday of next week high in the low 60's. so get milder weather near the end of next week but the thing is it's try
9:23 pm
for the next 7 indicates. relatively cool but not cold. >> that sounds decent we'll take it. >> lucky niners fans got their hands on superbowl tickets today. but getting to the big easy might prove difficult. take you back now to the bric bricking news we are following in fairfield. this is the pepper belly comedy club on fire. firefighters are having to fight this from above. it's far too dang are to us get inside this building. we are listen seen the roof collapse. it is gutted. no injuries to report though. stay with us. report though.look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
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[ female announcer ] hamburger helper stroganoff. beefy. creamy. stroganoffy. helpers. forty dishes, all delicious. i just finished a bowl of your light chicken pot pie soup and it was so rich and creamy... is it really 100 calories? let me put you on webcan... lean roasted chicken... and a creamy broth mmm i can still see you. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. >> exciting day for forty-niner season ticket holders. they got their hand on super bowl
9:27 pm
tickets. they won the right to purchase those tickets through a lottery. he talked to some of the fans at candlestick par park. >> i'm pumped. doing the kaepernick. >>reporter: he's going going to the superbowl. lucky ticket holder who bought tickets but has no idea how he gets to new orleans. >> i'll drive. >>reporter: nobody knew where they were sitting or how much to pay for tickets until they got to the window. tickets pre-assign at random. michael from sacramento paid 1900 for 2. >> i am jacked up. i have been trying to figure out all week whether i want to sell them or keep them but all my friend are telling them i have to go. go. once in a life time opportunity. screw it i'm going. i don't care about the money. i'm a niner fan. i'm going. >> probably not going to be real until we land but it's that much closer. so we are really excited.
9:28 pm
>>reporter: diane and her husband john took a chance at the booked flights in hotel before the niners even won the chance to go to the superbowl. the gamble paid off if name chosen pick the ticket today and tomorrow. at candlestick park, abc 7 news. >> and we have an entire team heading to the superbowl. sports director larry and former forty-niner mike will be there. mike will be bringing along the superbowl ring he ha has. wayne and katie join reporting. we'll tweet behind the scenes update for you on our web site. live reports from new orleans begin monday morning. >> still to come fit. elaborate rest caw for one very also and very lucky dog. >> plus the driving simulator getting the attention of bay area college students that offers really life lesson on the danger of texting and driving. >> woman horrified after burst
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>> take you back out live to fairfield. this is texas street where a comedy club has caught fire. building appears to be a total loss. we have seen the roof collapse here. you can see this major coordinated evident by firefighters to put this one out. vacaville fairfield and solana county respond with crew on the scene declared a 5 alarm fire. we have no injuries to report. firefighters are fighting this one from the outside much too dangerous to go in but it does appear they are getting a handle on it and
9:33 pm
it has not spread to any neighboring buildings. >> another cold snowy day back east. as you can see in this video dusting of snow covering the white house where temperatures dropped that the teens again. 13 states and more than 90 million americans are facing a deep freeze tonight. and as steve tells us it's not of yet. >> today it was one wreck after another. outside knoxville state trooper slid off the road. fire truck race to go assist him flipped on the ice crushed his car and died of heart attack. in southern indiana bus carrying a woman track team rolled over after the drive lost control. 4 students were sent to hospital. >> she did everything she could. hit the brake. she fought it for probably good half mile. >>reporter: schools closed. closed early in georgia, tennessee, kentucky, north carolina and in virginia where cars and school bus negotiate with the ice. but in much of
9:34 pm
the midwest and northeast where the storm is now quickly moving and where it is still bitterly cold. >> my nose got really cold. >>reporter: schools are still open and health officials are warning parents to keep their kids safe. >> what if the child hasn't been sick before and good outside and having a cough that might be one of the first signs that you may see that they are having some kind of bad response to the cold air. >>reporter: few family to really feel for. in sprays caught open camera. people who live in this apartment building in pontiac, michigan have had no heat since saturday. were using their oven to keep warm. then adding insult to injury, the water pipe burst. [ screaming my god. >>reporter: it was really tough for firefighters battling a blaze in massachusetts who look like walking icicle in the cold. >> running that frozen hydrant and line and tough for the guys to get around with the ice conditions. >>reporter: worries about pets wild life too. new jersey
9:35 pm
last night saving a dog whose owner had accidentally left her stuck outside. >> this is brutal weather out here. the dog is shaking really bad. and you can't leave your dog out on a day like this and go away. >>reporter: a tough rescue from a rain swollen river in australia. 14-year-old boy trapped in northern queens lan land. then emergency work whor pulled that teen to safety was swept under a nearby bridge. fortunately he was able to reach safe place eventually. >> then this rescue of dog yesterday at lake in downtown los angeles. crews swam out to the dog. put nature a harness then hoisted her on to a zip line pulling her to safety. >> little terrier stranded huddling between the palm tree staying out of the rain concerned with hypothermia so put her in a preserver for dog special harness and strapped her in and secured her and pulled her back to shore. >>reporter: this type of mission guess practice for other emergencies. here in the bay area.
9:36 pm
remind they are wild life lives all around us. this picture of adult male mountain lions taken near mount hamilton. smotion sensor camera took it two weeks ago. state senator hill introduced a bill that would require game ward tone use non-lethal method confronting them this don't pose a threat to people. >> mean time the killing of 2 mount lions cubs last month half machine bay may lead to more changes. this morning actually we just told you abou about, state senator hill presented a bill that would require the department of fish wild life to try non-lethal methods when con fronting mountain lions. in december game warden killed 2 little cougar cubs hiding under porch of home. no bigger than a house cat. >> department has consistently reacted with lethal force against lions when they have become close to human settlement and not become a threat to human health and safety. >>reporter: under the bill game warden work with wild life
9:37 pm
agency to scare away or tranquilize them from your ban areas. statistics show hawm answer more likely to be killed by a pet dog than a mountain lions. police say young drivers are among the most likely to text while driver. habit. officers trying to break. they went to a south bay college campus today with novel approach. david shows us what it is. >> sometimes it takes technology to democrat state how dangerous technology can be. ryan harper got that the simulator to learn a lesson about texting while driving. something he readily admits he does. >> basically grace of god that i haven't been in an accident while driving and texting. >>reporter: at&t spending millions of drivers to drive home the message it can wait. if you get a text message on the road. he got into a crash. change your thinking and behavior. >> for sure. i don't have a car out here in san jose when i go home i'll not be texting and driving. >>reporter: are you saying that or do you think.
9:38 pm
>> no. >>reporter: changed maichbility i programs i'm a changed man. >>reporter: police were also on hand to let students know they are planning 42 enforcement event this year to nab distract the drivers. whether texting or talking on a mobile phone. they issued 123 citations last year most of the 3500 crashes last year involved distracted drivers. >> i think it's difficult for people to break the habit because we get more and more comfortable with the technology we have and we have this sense of confidence we can just text a quick reponce to something or quick phone call to get information. >> as part of safety campaign at&t has an app that intercept text message when driving sending a reply that you will text back when safe to do so. sometimes it take as real life story which at&t turned into public service announcement to under score texting is a 2 way process. texting someone who is driving can have fatal consequences. >> having a highway patrol officer l write in a report that text september at 12:05 is
9:39 pm
the reason that she is dead is fought something that will ever go away. >>reporter: texting simple l o l or yes may take few seconds but police say that looking did you know for 5 seconds at 55 miles an hour means you are driving blind the length of a football field. if san jose, david, abc 7 news. >> key federal panel today voted to restrict drug such as vicodin. fda advisory committee is recommending new restrictions on the country most widely used prescription pain killers. doctors prescribe the medicine to treat pain from injury surgery arthritis. fda says hydro-codeine first or second most abused medicine in the u.s. fda will support the panel recommendation. >> supreme court may not be in a legal position to decide one of the key question that is will consider this year in ruling on same sex marriage. according to constitutional scholar from harvard the house of representatives does not have standing to defen the defensive marriage act. federal law that prohibits
9:40 pm
giving marriage benefits to same sex couple and says the supreme court may not even have the legal jurisdiction to hear the case since the executive branch refs to defen the law. similar questions have been raised about california proposition 8 which will also be heard by the high court in about two months. >> big victory for senate republicans. federal appeals court says president obama violated the constitution when he made recess appointment last year to the national labor relations board when the senate was not officially in recess. white house says the ruling contradicts 150 years of practice by democratic and republican administrations. the ruling will be appealed. >> trying to get back in shape. there's an app for that. coming up next. trainers and workers and unusual collaboration. >> plus a plane as it catches fire mid air. what the pilot did to save everyone
9:41 pm
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>> dramatic ending to pursuit of man stealing a car in southern california. he ran into an abandoned house. sheriff's deputy and fire tear gas inside it. you can see the smoke coming out of the chimney there. guy suddenly thrust his head through a tiny upstairs opening gasping for air ready to surrender. guy starts down the ladder and then he falls to the ground there. about 4 week into january it's the season for breaking those new year's resolutions. but san francisco start up wants to help you keep them by putting a real live personal trainer in your pocke pocket. jonathan strapped on his sneakers and tried it out. >> sam has a thing for being upside down. former wrestler and pole vaulter who only turned right side up when he there's walk into the next room and get some work done. if you
9:45 pm
have ever wondered what happens when you put jock and nerd oeing together in the same office it turns out you get something like this. >> forward kick. 20 rep ready go. hear we go. stand tall raise your arms up. >>reporter: looking at gain fitness. app designed to replicate indicate down to the finest detail the experience of working out with a personal trainer. >> sort of this sense that i have got someone here with me. coaching me through it. making my form better. >>reporter: founder nicholas is an engineer and former football player who likes to defy gravity set out to build the app for himself staying in shape traveling for business. year and a half later the app has 8 trainers you can buy and down load for 1 to 7 dollars each with styles from circus art. >> side to side switching side as quick as you can. >>reporter: to yoga. lower entire body to hover. >>reporter: uses the present recorded stroys give you encouragement during the work out and tell you when the 45 seconds of rep is over meaning if you actually listen the pain will be over more quickly.
9:46 pm
>> relevant trainer talks to you in a pretty normal flowing kind of a way. getting app to did that is very tricky. >>reporter: that's where the nerd come in turning real human train new year's thousands of line of code with supermarket work out based on the goal then walk you through them as if the trainer were actually there. >> we record the trainer saying back straight 2 or three times so it comes off a little different. doesn't feel robotic. doesn't feel unnatural. >>reporter: don't think i-phone can make you sweat, just ask sam goldstein. >> i was testing after 13 minutes of testing this work out i was just drenched. it was awesome. >>reporter: in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> make them lack so easy. when you come back. why you should never underestimate a goat.
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look at the video taken by a passenger. lightening struck on this plane and caught fire. pilot activated fire fighting gear inside and made emergency landing. everyone on the plane is just fine. about let's get one last check of the forecast. spencer is here with that. >> okay. nothing scary like that in the forecast. live doppler 7 hd picking up no precipitation in the bay area. still could be isolated shower overnight but the chances are diminishing tomorrow. lack for partly pe mainly sunny sky. high pressure in the mid 50's for much of the bay area. here's accu-weather 7 difficult forecast. it's going to be cool for 4 day was high pressure in the afternoon through tuesday only in the mid 50's. we start to see a little bit of moderation in temperatures wednesday and thursday end of the week high pressure back up around 60 degrees in the mildest locatio location. pleasant weather ahead. just a little crisp for
9:51 pm
the next few days. >> we can handle it. thanks spencer. >> now to a valuable lesson learned by reporter in florida. never turn your back on a goa goat. take a look. >> goats will be here through saturday. and they are very friendly. from the county fai fair, linda carson abc 7 with you not eat my pants. ouch. [ laughing]. >> she said that didn't hurt and landed on saw dust and straw and as you can see she says she's fine. giggling and laughing. the goat. >> come into the goat territor territory. you are rinking it. >> that's what you get. >> mom always said never turn your back on a goat. >> confirmed. >> in sports. latest on the forty-niner superbowl prep and the best video of the night actually from the fba. half court shot by the fan worth thousands and wait until you see the celebration after word. see the celebration after word. >> wow! for the new mattress models
9:52 pm
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come up tonight at 11:00. we continue to follow the breaking news in fairfield where the original pepper belly comedy club has been gutted by fire. we have the very latest on this massive evident to knock down the flames here. also a hazing scandal out of vallejo high school. tonight the fared coach shares his side of the story. >> man nearly beaten to death at the giants game in los angeles is back in the hospital tonight. . why brian stowe has taken a turn for the worst. we have those stories and important coming up for you on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. >> right now though let's turn our attention to sports and larry. >> all right. all eyes on the 49ers. how will kaepernick react across the line of scrimmage and sees most intimidating players in nfl history ray lewis staring back at him in superbowl xlvii. 49ers coach jim har but thinks the qb will do just financial. he knows what it is like to face ray lewis. 1996 lewis
9:56 pm
first career sack game against harbaugh playing for the colts. now he comes up with game plan to the newt realize the linebacker. when he made the switch from smith to kaepernick he envision oned him to handle a moment for like this. >> so happy for his success and the kind of youngest man that his parents raised and this is his time. and and his team mates. who have done so much for him. they are the ones who protect and catch the ball and get the ball back for him. >>reporter: peyton manning and tom brady 2 of the best in the nfl. in common. eliminate from the play offs this years by joe flacco. december pie winning at least one play off game in each of the last 5 seasons flacco has never really been considered any lead quarterback. this year he has 8 touch downs. no peck. 3
9:57 pm
play off games. he's heard all the critic. past few years. mr. flacco has a message for them. >> i really don't care. there's guys throughout make a living on hating on somebody. if that's us, that's me then i plan on being around for awhile. if you want to continue do it i'll be here. >>reporter: confident. warriors open 4 game road trip in chicago. ex warrior who helped do them in. nate robinson with the bulls. lee off all star game selection. kurt played like all star. game high 25 points. all bull early. they were up 31-13 after the first quarter. didn't get any better in the second quarter. pl nate. off balance. bank shop. had 22. led warriors with 23. golden state 35 percent somewhating in the game. down 13 at the half. third quarter. carlos. no. joke yes. 14 forth big man. bulls led by as many as 26.
9:58 pm
richard hamilton back door to butler for the lay in. 103-87 bulls the final. warriors face ellis tomorrow night. to the ice. season still very young. but the shark looking good. won the first 3 games. scored 15 goals total in the process. patty has 6 of them. early this week they sign center scott gomez veteran with 169 career goal. still learning about his new teammate. >> couple guys use extra light ranch. pretty shocked about that. pl one guy liked his steak really, really cooked and little stuff like. that you just you don't expect. >> light ranch will throw you. second round of the farmer insurance open in la jolla tiger missed last week in abu dubai but top leader board now in this tournament. tapped in for birdie there after hitting the flag stick. tiger shot a 7 under 65. second shot on 7.
9:59 pm
another birdie here. almost pulled it out. leading by 2 shots at 11 under par. southern california. down under. australia open semifinal this match went 4 hours. murray with the is a here. up 2 sets to wuchbility he led in the fourth but federer hard man to put away. back hand winner. that ties the match. murray beats fed first time ever in grand slam event. long on match point. 6-two in the fifth and final set. murray moves on to phase two time defending champion djokovic in the aussie final. going around with his friends throwing football into a basketball hoop. most impressive throw? from the top deck at kyle stadium home turf. high in the sky and down. hard to see in the shadow here. i'm working on it carolyn. see the ball right there. follow it. there's the celebration. think real. >>

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